To me the field of art appears as a look into an infinite space. Spheres appear and go, as I silently flow through that world. I get myself into areas of Beauty, Mastery and colorful realms of sounds. The Paco F. Parado Space of Art is a visual metaphor for a very dynamic data set. My approach emphasizes openness and renewed interpretation. Find don't search is the motto for navigating the Paco F. Parado Space of Art.
A mathemartist is a conspicuous poet, parading under the banner of transformation, moving beyond inertia, in the abstract completeness aimed at - in the higher nonconsensus wave dynamics, in a participating universe.

Artist Statement
symbiosis changing symmetry

Paco's Mesa Cube

The Paco F. Parado

immersion is characterized

by a continuous flow of

multidimensional narrative space.

The sense of being inside the

Narrative Parado Space

is a pleasurable sensation.
Artist Statement
photo credit Margarita Manev
what is mathemArtistique?
an art? a philosophy?
is it a real poetry?
or is it nothing at all?
My aesthetics I play as an organ, registers are almost countless, the manuals and pedals sampling the whole mathemartistic and intellectual cosmos.
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