what is a mathemArtist?

an art? a philosophy?

is mathemArtist a real poetry?

or is it nothing at all?


A mathemArtist is a conspicuous poet,

parading under the banner of transformation,

moving beyond inertia,

in the abstract completeness aimed at -

in the higher nonconsensus wave dynamics,

in a participating sculpturing universe.

The Cube


And what I do and my shoe

has everything to do with you.

I see multiplicity which is not multiple

This is two-not-two.

The very fabric of S and you.

I find non-locality in my shoe.

This. No "that". Just this.
A non-local and contextual world in which
the stable Said El Prado-Shoe
is woven upon a fabric faster-than-true
And what I do and prior to concept.
this superluminal afoot is not separated from me and my shoe.